Welcome to Localine

Eco-Pencil Manufacturing

We believe there are many products we can produce locally and therefore do not need to be imported. The Localine brand and company name stands for "local product line" and for our mission. We are proud to introduce the first Eco-Pencils made by Nigerians.

We produce paper pencils from 100% recycled newspapers


HB and color pencils for drawing, office and school use.


Deliveries across Nigeria to wholesale distributors and educational organizations.  

Give your newspapers a second life!

We collect stacks in the Lagos area.

Our products are made For Nigerians by Nigerians

Buy Made-in-Nigeria

We buy our materials and services locally whenever possible.

For example cassava starch from Nigeria instead of industrial glue from Asia. 

Be first to market our new products and place a pre-order.