A rolling stone no just dey roll... na person push am!

The founders of Localine are also the owners of Omodunbi Import/Export Consulting, a company that has been a bridge between Nigeria and the rest of the world for more than 20 years. We were and still are a trusted partner to many producing companies in Nigeria.

By starting to produce our own products in Nigeria we are taking our business to the next level. Pushing our stone a bit faster!

The Localine Idea

Local Sourcing

  • We believe in the success of the "Buy Made-in-Nigeria" campaign" and patronize local manufacturers and service providers.

Local Production

  • We create workplaces – offering full and part time employment.
  • We design our products to fit local requirements.


  • We use environmental friendly material
    • Old newspapers instead of precious trees
    • Biodegradable cassava starch replaces industrial glue. It is safe for the environment, personnel and consumers.
  • Waste reduction thanks to use of 100% recycled newspapers
  • Less international transport improves carbon footprint

Thank you for your patronage

Mack Omodunbi & Team